We are not Democrats. We are not Republicans. Partisan politics is a tool of politicians to divide us and maintain power. Block Chats is a nonpartisan, community-oriented project dedicated to having real conversations with each other – working towards transforming the political status quo.

We face too many critical issues to continue serving as political pawns. Cable news talking heads, reactive social media, rage fueled by opportunists who would gladly see the world burn for reelection, ratings, or amassing more wealth for themselves... Enough!

We deserve a world where everyone has healthcare. We deserve a world where noone goes hungry. Where we are safe and have stable housing and livable incomes and equitable access to education and critical resources. We deserve a world where our children and future generations also have these rights.

Block Chats is an opportunity to have deeper conversations in our communities. Enough shouting past each other and parroting talking points; we can do so much better. It all starts with breaking through divides, having deeper conversations, and collectively working towards a better future for us all.

Join us! Canvass your block, coordinate with your neighbors, help us transcend the status quo and build something different.

With love and determination, From your block to ours,

- Block Chats